Making the Launcher and Taskbar Transparent in Ubuntu 16.04




The goal of this post is to make the launcher and the taskbar of Ubuntu 16.04 to be transparent


Step First, you’ll start with everything being opaque.

  1. Install Unity Tweak Tool with sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool
  2. Open Unity Tweak Tool Step
  3. Click on the “Launcher” category Step Step
  4. Under the “Appearance” section, bring the Transparency Level to 100% Step
  5. This will make the Launcher to be transparent Step
  6. Install CompizConfig Settings Manager with sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager Step
  7. Under the “Desktop” section, click on Ubuntu Unity Plugin Step
  8. At this point, the “Background Color” should be black. Click on the color to change its settings Step
  9. Bring the “Opacity” level down to 1 (If you set it to zero, it will reset the colors in the Launcher) Step Step
  10. Now the Taskbar should also be transparent. Exit by clicking “Back” > “Close” Step
  11. Yay! Done! Step